About Us

​Jennifer Voshake is the founder and sole operator of Anything Goes Celebrations.  This small business is anything except ordinary because the owner is extraordinary. The heart of this business is an extension and manifestation of Jennifer’s vibrant, caring & giving personality as well as her rich, and multi-faceted talent. Once you engage in conversation with her it is easy to see that she is knowledgeable, tech savvy, and smart. She puts her heart and passion to work through the services that she offers small businesses, churches, charities and individuals. 

Jennifer is the daughter of a veteran and her mother currently volunteers for a hospital organization. Her parent’s lifestyle of serving and volunteering helped shaped her philosophy of giving back. As a child she noticed her natural inclination to want to serve others with her talents.
"Giving back is not something you brag about ​
but something you simply do.”
-Jennifer Voshake
At 13 years old, she convinced her mother to speak with the coordinator over the candy stripers because she knew she was not quite the age to become a volunteer yet; but this didn’t stop her. Her desire to serve was so deep that she knew some possible negotiating would land her right where she wanted to be and it did. She still has the candy stripper uniform to this day. 

Jennifer believes that volunteering and giving back is not something you brag about but something you simply do. These ideals and more are what structures the core of who she is and her business practices. 

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s of Science in International Business and she has over 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry. She’s always had an eye for enhancing a party through décor, crafting, or taking a simple idea given to her and creating it with skill and technique on a budget.

This lead to the birth of her business Anything Goes Celebrations. Through this business she helps clients brand and market themselves and products. Her services help your business look professional as well as stay up to date and current in the market. With her ability to listen to what you want and create it with
professionalism you always leave her services knowing that you want to come back or hire her as your full-time personal go to.

Jennifer understates and over performs. She believes that once you pay for something you should own it. Therefore, she empowers her customers through training classes that allow participants to learn tips, tricks, and best practices on using technology and services to market and brand your business or
celebrate your party.

Anything Goes Celebrations specializes in: logos, vinyl print, monograms, business cards, flyers, digital advertisements, customized invitations, and parties on a budget, graphic designs, catalogs, special event décor, plus more! With her skill level “anything goes” just ask.

Anything Goes Celebrations has partnered with business owners such as founder of Jus Networking Girlz, LLC , Shaquita Pope Maxwell, owner of Organics Skin Care by Monique, Alicia Mo’nique, owner of Wright Choice Tax Service Felicia R. Wright as well as myself founder and owner of Thomas Professional
Development Services. Anything Goes Celebrations is always here to help promote, celebrate, and market your success, business, celebrations and more.